Window Styles in Carencro LA

Window styles Carencro LA

Windows are the largest openings in your home. They can be crafted from wood or vinyl and are available with triple glazing for energy efficiency. Installing certified energy efficient windows in your home may cost more upfront, but will save homeowners hundreds of dollars a year in returns on their energy bills.


The muggy Louisiana climate can wear down windows, but vinyl frames resist the elements. They don’t corrode or rust, are insect-free and easy to maintain. Plus, they’re among the most economical window choices.

JELD-WEN Premium Atlantic vinyl windows combine strength, energy efficiency and multiple design options to meet the demands of light commercial new construction*. Choose from 27 exterior colors and 28 interior finishes to create the perfect look.

Brickmould vinyl windows feature a traditional wood appearance with the durability of vinyl. With features that simplify maintenance and high-quality extruded vinyl that retains color, they’re ideal for any architectural style.

Double-pane vinyl windows improve your home’s acoustic performance by sealing in your family’s sounds and blocking out external noises, like rumbles from nearby railroad tracks or neighboring homes. They also help reduce your energy bills by reducing the amount of time your air conditioning needs to run.


Wood windows offer a classic look that adds style to your home. They can also save you money on energy bills. While they require more maintenance than vinyl, you can keep them looking new with a simple cleaning twice a year. Many homeowners choose to leave the natural wood grain visible to add a more natural, rustic style to their home.

Jeld-Wen offers wood window styles that are high in quality, durable and have excellent energy efficiency ratings for all climate zones. They can be painted or stained and come with a wide variety of interior trim colors, paints and grille patterns. They can also be equipped with a low-maintenance aluminum cladding, which protects the wood from outdoor elements like rain and wind. These types of window will add beauty and style to your home for years to come. They are also less prone to rot, warp and water damage than vinyl frames. They also resist expansion and contraction caused by temperature changes, making them a good choice for Carencro’s weather.


Aluminum is a strong, lightweight metal that’s easy to maintain and comes in any color. It’s less expensive than vinyl and more energy efficient than wood. It’s also rust-resistant, which makes it suitable for oceanside homes where salty air can corrode other frames.

These windows open from the top and bottom, making it easy to control airflow and clean the glass. They’re also available in double-glazing, which improves insulation and helps keep energy costs low over time.

These windows are hinged on the side and crank outward, allowing for more light to enter the home. They are popular in many styles, but particularly as bay windows that project out from the exterior wall of a home. They’re a good choice for a wide range of home designs. They are easy to clean, and they can also be triple-glazed for improved energy efficiency. Depending on the style of home, they can also reduce energy costs by up to $283 per year.


The crisp lines of steel frames are an architectural statement that is unmatched in its strength and durability. They can be used to compliment a wide variety of window styles and are often made on a custom basis to accommodate any size requirement.

New thermally broken steel windows are also 50% better insulated than traditional non-thermally broke steel frames. This translates into less energy loss and lower utility bills for the homeowner.

These windows can be side hung, top hung or bottom hung and can have one or more sashes that open simultaneously. They offer a wide panoramic view and allow for maximum ventilation.

These are a little like French doors and function essentially the same way. They are hinged on the side and can be opened either outward or inward, allowing for a greater amount of light and more airflow. They are also very secure and require minimal maintenance. These windows are a popular choice for many contemporary homes.