Energy Efficient Custom Windows For Your Home in Carencro LA

Many Carencro homeowners have outdated windows that are causing energy bills to skyrocket. This problem can be solved by replacing them with custom windows.

Window World offers windows in a variety of shapes, from angled to rounded. Choosing a geometric style that suits your space can create a distinctive architectural look for years to come.


Vinyl is a popular window material for many reasons. First, it is inherently flame retardant due to its chlorine base. It also resists moisture, which protects it from corrosion and rot. These qualities make vinyl ideal for windows because they withstand harsh weather conditions and don’t easily warp or leak.

Homeowners should look for a company with a history of experience in installing all types of windows. A reputable provider will have extensive local experience and be familiar with the unique climate and window installation requirements of Carencro homeowners. These factors are critical to a seamless window replacement. Additionally, a top-rated window company will provide lengthy warranties on products and labor.


The classic style of wood windows is perfect for maintaining the historic charm of your home. These double- and single-hung windows are energy efficient, offering endless comfort and lower utility bills.

Choose a window installation company that offers long warranties for products, parts and labor. Companies that offer these types of protection earn higher rankings on EcoWatch’s list.

Custom windows are a great solution for spaces where standard-sized windows don’t fit. Consider a hexagon or trapezoid window for an added element of visual interest. You can also try a parallelogram window for a sleek, contemporary look. Energy-efficient windows reduce drafts and high summer and winter temperatures, keeping your home comfortable without adjusting your thermostat. Look for NFRC certifications that show the windows’ energy efficiency and quality.

Clear Glass

Clear Glass windows are a great choice for modern homes. They are made of insulated double panes that keep heat in during the winter and out during the summer. They can also have Low-E coatings to help reduce your energy bills.

These types of windows are a good option for cold climates, where pure wood can warp in the extreme cold. They are available in aluminum that emulates the classic steel look or stainless steel, which provides superior protection against corrosion in harsh weather conditions.

Choose a local window installer with years or even decades of experience to get the best results from your new windows. The company should provide warranties on products, parts and installation (aka workmanship).

Low-E Glass

Many Carencro area homeowners struggle to keep their home comfortable in the extreme temperatures of this region. One effective solution is to invest in energy efficient windows with low emissivity (low E) glass.

This special coating helps your window prevent heat from escaping your home in the winter, while reflecting heat back inside in the summer. This can reduce your heating and cooling bills significantly.

Low E also minimizes condensation that can form on insulated glass when it gets cold. These benefits, along with warm-edge spacer bars and argon gas, are why our windows qualify for ENERGY STAR rebates and incentives.

Slider Windows

Due to material shortages and high demand, window installation projects are taking longer than normal. The best window companies provide lengthy warranties on products, parts and installation (aka workmanship).

Single slide windows operate similarly to double hung windows, but their movable pane slides from right to left on a horizontal axis. They are commonly installed in laundry rooms and utility closets, as they offer ventilation and natural light to these spaces.

They come in a wide range of sizes, materials and finishes, and can be customized to fit any home. They also improve property value and lower energy bills. Choose from vinyl, wood and wood-look composites for added insulation and beauty.