Custom Door Styles for All Home Styles

Custom doors are a great way to add style and privacy to your home. Fortunately, Carencro custom door installation professionals are able to build all types of doors for your home.

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French Entry Doors

French entry doors, with their large glass windowpanes, add a touch of elegance to homes and help make the transition between indoor and outdoor spaces seamless. They’re a perfect choice for Carencro homeowners with patios or gardens and can be customized to provide varying levels of privacy.

These double doors are often used to brighten home offices, living areas and master bedrooms. They can be paired with sidelites (narrow windows set alongside the door) or transoms to allow more natural light to stream into rooms while maintaining a sense of privacy and security.

Made of long-lasting fiberglass or secure steel, these doors are a popular choice for homeowners who prioritize durability and security in their Carencro home. They stand strong against harsh weather and potential intruders, and can be styled to look like wood for a classic aesthetic. They’re also energy-efficient and offer improved insulation, keeping your home comfortable all year round.

Sliding Entry Doors

Designed with sleek lines, modern farmhouse entry doors are a popular option for Carencro homeowners looking for a blend of traditional and contemporary style. They offer a wide opening and glass panels that let in natural light, blending indoor and outdoor spaces seamlessly.

Battened and ledged doors are simple in design and sturdy in construction, bringing a rustic country feel to homes. They are a great addition to traditional or rustic Carencro homes, and they add a sense of character to the facade.

Patio doors are a space-saving option that lets in natural light and improves your home’s energy efficiency. They can open your home to the outdoors, and they can also boost its resale value. They are a durable and versatile choice that comes in a variety of colors and finishes to match your style preferences. They are made of materials like fiberglass and steel, and they are resistant to rusting, warping, and rotting. They are also insulated, making them an ideal pick for Carencro’s varying climate.

Bi-Fold Entry Doors

Designed to fold back in sections, bi-fold doors create a smooth transition from indoors to outdoors and are ideal for Carencro homes with a backyard or patio. They offer a sleek look that blends seamlessly with modern home styles and can be customized for different levels of privacy.

Wood-paneled entry doors add a classic and elegant look to any home and complement various architectural styles. They often feature raised or recessed panels that provide depth and elegance. Sliding entry doors are a practical choice for Carencro homes that have spaces leading to the backyard or patio and can be paired with sliding glass walls for maximum light and views.

Fiberglass and steel entry doors are popular choices for homeowners looking for a mix of style and functionality in their Carencro homes. They stand strong against harsh weather and intruders, while their energy efficiency keeps homes comfortable and reduces heating and cooling costs.

Dutch Entry Doors

Dutch doors, also known as split or half doors, are a traditional option for homeowners who prefer a rustic aesthetic. This style of door consists of two separate doors that allow the top portion to open and close while the bottom remains closed, giving you control over how much natural light enters your home.

Wood-paneled doors are a classic choice that blends well with various home designs. These doors feature a series of raised panels, creating a distinctive look that makes a statement. Wood doors are tough and offer good insulating properties. However, they do require regular upkeep to combat the effects of weather.

Barn entry doors bring a rustic look to homes and are a popular choice for Carencro homeowners who want to create a seamless transition between indoor and outdoor spaces. These doors are often reinforced to provide added security and can be customized with different glass layouts.