Custom Windows in Carencro LA

Due to material shortages and high demand, window installation projects are taking longer than usual. We appreciate your patience while we work to minimize delays.

ENERGY STAR®-certified windows reduce your energy bills by keeping heat inside during winter and reflecting sun’s rays away during summer. They also help protect fabrics, carpets, and furniture from fading.


The swampy Louisiana climate can do a number on windows, but vinyl is designed to resist wear and tear. They are also customizable and come in a variety of colors, making them ideal for any home aesthetic.

Energy efficiency is a major benefit of vinyl windows. They use Low E glass to reflect heat back inside during the colder months and block excess heat during warmer seasons, decreasing strain on your HVAC system and lowering energy bills.

Window World offers a range of vinyl window options for Carencro homeowners. Double-hung windows are crafted with two separate sashes to increase ventilation and air flow, while sliding windows function much like traditional patio doors for a timeless look. Casement vinyl windows open outward using a crank handle and are perfect for hard-to-reach areas like over sinks.


Wood windows bring an organic, cozy feel to homes, and are often the preferred window choice in historic or traditional Carencro houses. While fabricated materials like fiberglass have become popular alternatives due to their low maintenance, wood provides superior energy efficiency and natural insulation.

Today’s wood windows, such as those from Jeld-Wen, feature a wood interior and exterior for a beautiful look that lasts. These models also have a powder coated aluminum cladding to resist corrosion and weather damage, and offer high performance energy saving features.

Retrofit windows install into existing frames, and are a great option if your home is built with older windows that are difficult to access or have extensive rot or decay. However, this installation method offers limited customization compared to Full Frame window replacement.


Aluminum windows offer a sleek modern look, with frames that don’t rust or corrode. They’re a popular choice for homeowners in Carencro who want energy efficiency and durability. Aluminum windows are also easy to clean, with a wide range of colors to choose from.

Non-clad aluminum windows have a fiberglass, vinyl or wood frame, while clad windows have an aluminum exterior. The aluminum offers additional protection against high winds, rain, and debris.

Clad aluminum windows with thermal breaks keep homes warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. They also filter out damaging UV rays, reducing fading of furniture and carpets. Aluminum windows are also affordable compared to other window types, with a life span of up to 50 years.


The best fiberglass window frames provide maximum thermal and structural performance at prices that make them affordable for high-volume projects. Designed for new construction and replacement applications, these windows meet the demands of today’s energy-efficient homeowners in Carencro.

Fiberglass is a durable material that resists moisture, rot, and warping. It’s also highly energy-efficient, keeping your home cool in summer and warm in winter. The insulative properties of fiberglass also prevent outside noises like road-noise and your neighbors’ lawnmowers from creeping into your home.

Unlike vinyl, fiberglass is non-outgassing and won’t release harmful chemicals into the environment. It’s an eco-friendly solution that’s also more cost-efficient than aluminum. It also doesn’t require regular painting or oiling. These are just a few of the reasons why more and more people choose fiberglass.

Clear Glass

A clear glass window allows natural light to enter your home, making it feel airy and spacious. It also lets in sunlight, which can help reduce your energy bills. However, it is not the best choice for a cold climate because it does not provide much insulation.

Choosing the right window material can be difficult because there are so many choices available. Luckily, this guide can help you make the right choice for your Carencro home.

Choose a company that offers free estimates, warranties on products and installation, and energy efficiency details. The company should also be licensed and insured. Moreover, it should offer full-frame window installation, which involves removing the old windows and their frames to ensure a tight seal for maximum energy efficiency.